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 Electric Six

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Oswald Abronsius


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Date d'inscription : 09/08/2008

MessageSujet: Electric Six   Mar 26 Aoû 2008, 12:51

Electric Six c'est un groupe succulent qui nous vient de Détroit. Leur cinquième album sort bientôt, et j'essaierais de faire un topo assez complet sur le groupe.


En attendant:

Citation :
Show business is often referred to as “the last frontier of Communism”. Think about it. Performers are beholden to the common interests of a faceless collective who demand more for less. In the advent of technology, the ability of the artist to make massive profits has been destroyed. Artists, performers, midgets, musicians, jugglers, magicians, deejays – everybody – all of us – we’re all fucked now.

The result? I’m not going to bring out your hamburger and fries in a timely manner. I’m going to take cigarette breaks every 5 minutes. You’ve made me wait in a bread line, and I’m going to rest my aching dogs while your white ass salivates over that burger just sitting there, taunting you under the heat lamp. And I’m not going to bring it over to you until I’m good and ready.

That was the Soviet Union then and this is Hollywood now.

But even in the belly of despair, there is always hope. We know of a small town, north of Star City, in the woody fields of evil Mother Russia. The town, Gorchakovagrad, officially never existed. But we know it was there and we know how they danced. They danced around a fire created not by accidental nuclear disaster, but a fire fueled by their own desire – a desire to once again be entertained. And to sell the entertainment at a high price so that they and their families might once again live as higher beings with swimming pools shaped like Mickey Mouse.

Gorchakovagrad made Ibiza look like Houston, made Vegas look like Newark. Men dressed as neon gods. Women dressed as lizards. Dancing was cutthroat, dangerous. Music was loud, sensual, sexual, brave, sexual and sexy. The deejays were Italian. Money changed hands. Fashion conquered all. The girls, though reptilian, were hot. They were sexy capitalist pigs that knew their way around a deck of turntables…..and they liked to fuck.

There were no iPods, no computers, no websites. No file sharing. No intentional neutering of America’s teens. There was only 100% pure entertainment created by humans….for humans. And love.

This happened in the Soviet Union. And this will happen again on Oct. 21 when Electric Six releases its fifth record entitled Flashy.

Opening with the shameless and cowardly, but highly entertaining and delicious Gay Bar, Pt. 2, Electric Six is coming at you with all full force, hearkening back immediately to a very profitable time in its career, hoping that somehow an association will be made wherein the listener might accidentally buy more copies of this record than he normally would have because he thinks he’s getting Gay Bar, Pt. 1.

From there the album moves into a back to back to back-to-back selection of radio-ready pop nuggets, insisting that you hold us tight and never let us go. There are no themes on Flashy. Only hooks and aural delights. But we try to dress it up in glitter and neon along the way and that’s why we talked about the Soviet Union a little bit.

The new album is heavy at times as demonstrated by Formula 409 and Heavy Woman. The album is anthemic at times as demonstrated by Your Heat is Rising and We Were Witchy Witchy White Women. The album is smooth and sleek at times as demonstrated by Face Cuts and Watching Evil Empires Fall Apart. And the album is, above all, forward-thinking….as demonstrated by the triumphant Making Progress.

Most importantly, Flashy, the new album by Detroit’s Electric Six, is a beacon of liberty in an ocean of communism. If you love America, you will buy this record. You are either with us or you are with David Geffen.

Flashy by Electric Six will be released on Metropolis Records on Oct. 21 in North America. See the band on the Hittin’ The Walls and Workin’ The Middle tour is it chugs through the United States, Spain, the UK and Ireland this fall.

"Flashy" was recorded at the Colonel's very own Hamtramck Sound Machine studios.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Gay Bar Part Two
2. Formula 409
3. We Were Witchy Witchy White Women
4. Dirty Ball
5. Lovers Beware
6. Your Heat is Rising
7. Face Cuts
8. Heavy Woman
9. Flashy Man
10. Watching Evil Empires Fall Apart
11. Graphic Designer
12. Transatlantic Flight
13. Making Progress
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MessageSujet: Re: Electric Six   Mar 26 Aoû 2008, 13:20

Merci de nous rapporter tout ça Sir, je vais aller écouter prestement !

edit : j'aime bien le texte et sinon question musique, ça malaxe très fortement la machine à purée ce truc, j'aime bien aussi les sons genre vieille électronique de Update from the studio Wink

"Ne jetez pas la pierre au jazz adultère, je suis derrière."

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Electric Six
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